Rattlesnake Recipes Cookbook


Playing with rattlesnakes (whether hunting or cleaning a carcass) is SERIOUS BUSINESS, folks! Please always err on the side of caution. People are seriously injured or killed (or their pets) every year.

We've intended RATTLESNAKE COOKING MADE EASY as a great resource for serving up tasty rattler meat in your home kitchen, restaurant, or community event, including dozes of rattler recipes. And of course, if you take a gourmet rattlesnake entree to a potluck, you may enjoy all the positive and not so enthusiastic responses, sure to bring home a chuckle or two.

Anyway, we do offer some tips on first aid, and hunting rattlesnakes with safety in mind, and even some sources of rattlesnake meat, if you sign up at our companion web site:


Enjoy rattlesnake meat anytime you can... but BE SAFE out there!

Tracy Painter, Jewell, Oregon
BackCountry Chef & Wild Game Cook